Aeronaut Mikron 2

Aeronaut’s Mikron 2 is the perfect automated cutter for working with materials from cardboard to carbon fibre. This universal cutter is small enough for the design studio or lab, but fast enough and rugged enough for serious short run or just-in-time production.

  • Two steered quick change Cam-lock toolholders.
  • Omniversal pen holder accepts all markers.
  • Gantry-mounted camera option.
  • Wide range of creasing/scoring profiles (4 std.).
  • High torque motors on X, Y and Z Axes.
  • Single phase control cabinet and vacuum pump.
  • Low cost consumables such as pens and blades.
  • Micrometer depth adjustment.
  • All-round access to flat top table.
  • High-grip rubber cutting surface for cardboard.
  • Drilled polypropylene or HDPE surface for fabric.
  • Porous plastic table top option.
  • Switchable vacuum area on larger table size.
  • Material thickness up to 8mm.

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