Consew 146RB-2A-1

The Consew 146RB-2A-1 is a single needle, drop feed, walking foot, zig-zag lockstitch machine with horizontal-axis transverse rotary hook, large bobbin, and reverse feed capabilities. The Consew 146RB-2A-1 supports three step/two stitch zig-zag applications, sewing elastic and other stretch materials, stitching such products as boat and truck covers, tents, awnings, sails, parachutes, tarpaulins and similar products. The machine supports such materials as canvas, nylon, vinyl, leather, synthetics and similar materials.


  • Large bobbin and horizontal axis transverse rotary hook
  • Wide zig-zag
  • Upper feed mechanism helps avoid slippage when sewing
  • Reverse stitching
  • 2500 spm
  • Optional: Interchangeable between 1A, 2A & 3A stitches; Additional parts required (not included).

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