Consew 745R30

The Consew 745R30 is an extra heavy-duty, double needle, drop feed, needle feed (compound feed), alternating presser feet lockstitch machine that is suitable for sewing extra heavyweight materials, such as canvas, vinyl, leather, synthetics and various coated, laminated and rubberized fabrics. The Consew 745R30 is designed for stitching such products as tents, tarps, awnings, truck covers, auto, marine and furniture upholstery, sails, matting, carpets, polishing wheels, mops, luggage, construction barriers, field covers, divider curtains, fabric structures and heavy bulky products. The machine is also suitable for stitching double seams and lap seaming.


  • Compound feed, walking foot mechanism insures positive and even feeding of the material.
  • Safety clutch protects the hooks from being damaged in case of accidental strain
  • Reverse feed operated by foot pedal
  • Centralized arm lubrication
  • Reservoir-oiled hooks with micrometric control valve
  • Presser foot locking lever
  • Built-in bobbin winder
  • Push button stitch regulator
  • Extra heavy duty top shaft with four ball bearings for support
  • Extra-large bobbins and vertical axis hooks for use of heavy thread; also allows for long operation between bobbin changes
  • High lift
  • Front handwheel (on 30″ arm) allows for easy positioning of the needle(s)
  • 745RP is available with optional factory-installed, bottom driven, feed-synchronized puller (puller mechanism is completely concealed and does not restrict work space)

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