Kansai Special FX Series

The KANSAI-SPECIAL-FX-Series is a versatile, multi-needle, cylinder bed, double chain stitch sewing machine with a vertical looper movement mechanism. Capable of attaching elastic and line tape to sweatpants, pajamas, trunks and similar garments. Major features include the wide range of available gauge size, it’s cylinder bed, elastic guide roller and KANSAI SPECIAL’s original rear puller mechanism. These features make this series popular for attaching pre-closed elastic. KANSAI SPECIAL’s unique automatic thread cutter increases productivity by trimming threads accurately and leaving less thread, which curtails production costs.

  • Versatile, multi-needle cylinder bed.
  • Vertical looper movement mechanism.
  • Excellent for attaching elastic and line tap to fabric.
  • Features the KANSAI SPECIAL’s one of a kind automatic thread cutter.

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