Union Special 2200M18

The Union Special 2200M18 is a single needle rechargeable, battery operated, portable bag closer with combined top and bottom feed. It is extremely stable and includes special sewing parts for fast, consistent sewing of bags and geo fabrics. Ideal for operation where no electricity is available and powered by a 24 volt, 120 watt DC-motor. Its power supply comes from a lithium ion plug-in rechargeable battery located at the motor and at fully charged battery capacity has a sewing capacity of up to 9mm or 24plies of paper. Its rechargeable battery has a capacity of 4.0Ah and takes around 90 minutes.

  • Extra heavy top and bottom feed.
  • Heavy duty looper with large eyes.
  • Large thread cone stand.
  • Easy access for needle adjustment.
  • Large size needle.

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