Yamato VG Series

The Yamato VG Series multi module cylinder bed interlock stitch sewing machine ensures high productivity for long seaming, with speed capability up to 6,500 spm, the highest running speed among the worlds cylinder bed interlock stitch machines. The Yamato VG Series multi module capability provides the versatility to ensure high efficiency for your equipment investment, supporting hemming, covering, top stitching and other special applications within the series.

  •  New needle thread take-up system provides a neat finish and easy threading.
  •  Easy switchable needle bar stroke offers a quick response to various material.
  •  Short cylinder bed provides easy material handling.
  •  New feeding system supports high durability and easy adjustments.
  •  New looper thread take-up cam system ensures quick and easy maintenance.
  •  Sub-model with compact motor mounted on the machine head offers easy installation, rapid start and precise control.
  •  New foot lifter lever mechanism provides a means for easy adjustment.

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